The Queer Fool





6th June. 

The Queer Fool – Performance by Al Head

Karamel Restaurant, London N22

Wednesday June 6th, 6.30.

'There is a place on the edge where we can play'. The Queer Fool steps onto the stage with no props and no script. Ques themes are ques own queer life, and the exploration of Queer. There may be music, there may be song, there may be dance, there will certainly be the many aspects of the Queer Fool played out for you. You are invited to come to this rare and unique opportunity to see the Queer Fool at play. 

Doors open at 6.30. Performance 7pm til 8pm. Bar open til 9. (Restaurant closes at 6). No door charge but we will pass the hat afterwards in the old time-honoured tradition.

Access: venue is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilet.

ffi and access needs, email

NEW!  Queer Fool Day Workshop in London  10th June. 

The Queer Fool

Day Workshop in London. Led by Al Head.

10th June, 2018, 10.30 – 5.00.

For LGBTQ people of all genders and sexualities.

Wheelchair access. Please contact with any other access needs.

Cost: £60. Concessions: £30. Please get in touch if you can't afford this and we will sort something out.

To book and for further info: or call 01822 616083. Fb The Queer Fool

The Fool is an archetype: sacred and foolish, holy and rash. In the Tarot the Fool steps off a cliff, not knowing if que will fall or fly. The Fool is a player, a performer. Que goes onto stage with nothing: no props, no script, and finds the zero point within and the characters and stories within and around. The Fool is the one who lives on the edge, who creates new ways of being, who won't conform, who dances their own dance.

 Queer theory involves the dismantling and playing of gender, sexualities and identities. Queer people experience 'zero' points and empty spaces. They create new ways of being and refuse to conform. They jump off cliffs rashly and sacredly. In the Queer Fool workshops we explore the links between Queer and the Fool. We explore the Fool archetype as LGBTQ people working together. We explore Queer as a concept and as lived experience. We acknowledge our connections and tell our stories.

The workshop is practical and may involve movement and improvised speech. All disabled people are welcome and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and working style.  

Al Head is a performer, workshop leader, musician and writer. Founder member of QUIP (QUeers Into Performance), creator of Queer Fool workshops and creator and organiser of Queer Spirit Festival. Community arts workshop leader since 1980. Re-evaluation Counselling teacher and LGBTQ activist.



There is a place on the edge where we can play, where we are ‘outside the box’. In this place we can see clearly: new vistas, far horizons, paths that lead to places no-one has ever been before. Sometimes; inspired, excited, we set off on one of these paths. Sometimes we find people to accompany us for some of the way. Sometimes we find outselves further on a path than anyone has been, at least in our lifetimes, or the last millennia. We feel alone and sometimes lonely. And yet we keep on; because we want to see where the path leads, what is around the next corner. Or because we feel that we have gone too far to turn back.                           


Sometimes, it is true, we go too far. We reach an edge that leads only to an abyss. We cross a line, maybe we don’t even know that we have crossed it. We go ‘mad’, or we die. This is the risk we take.                       


Other times, the good times, we meet others on the way. We turn a corner and there are people waiting for us: they have found the way to this beautiful place by a different route. We cross paths with others and stop and share, relieved that we are not alone.                                    


Sometimes we set out as a group: stopping, listening to each other’s fears, waiting for the time we can all go on together, arguing, shouting, despairing, faltering, holding each other up, moving forward.                                  


There are many ways, many paths. Many are not linear: they move spirally, or they expand in all directions at once.          


In expanding, we expand the edges for all humanity. In pushing the edges further out, we take others with us, if only for a little way.